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Swinging Cat Power Blues

Lust For Music
Two phases of Iggy, both indispensible

A Beatles-like Convergence

Technology got you down? Still feeding the beast? The quiet and ignored 2005 terrorist attack on New York

For anyone interested in lessons in
How Not to Apply for a Job, read:
The Curmudgeon Strikes and
The Curmudgeon Strikes Again

A sort-of review of - and some further thoughts on -
The Jewish Museum's new exhibition "Mirroring Evil: Nazi Imagery/Recent Art"

Two items of note: my "Recollections and Reflections" on the 11 September terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, and Joshua Goldberg's report on his visit to New York's Islamic Cultural Center Summer Daze (Makes Me Feel Fine) - a satire of summer, rituals, and ... summer rituals

Report on a speech by Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel - from 21 March 2001 God Is Love - a remembrance of Marvin Gaye

Chaos Theory - a little bit of Zionism in my life A eulogy, of sorts, for my grandmother

About a Palestinian protest in New York Vidalia - another remembrance of Grandma

For those with the stomach for it:

There's always, too.

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