18 April 2010

Google, Blogger, Blahhhh!

As I wrote over here... Blogger Rolls Over, Plays Dead:

Blogger, the Google-owned blogging interface I have been using the last few years to manage my two websites (do I have to call them blogs?), is giving up on "FTP" publishing as of May 1st. Whether you know what FTP is or not, the short version of this is that: it's a bloody pain in the ass, and would mean that continue using Blogger, I have to switch all my content to Google's servers. I like Google, generally speaking, but there are a variety of reasons why I don't want to hand over my content to their servers, not the least of which is the near-impossibility of getting an actual Googler on the phone whenever problems arise. I like my web hosting company, mia.net; I like their personal service and their attentiveness and the fact that I actually know they're real people. If Google had offered an option to pay for FTP functionality, I might have taken it. They didn't, so I can't.

All of which means: it's quite likely that my writing may slow down even further over the next few weeks, while I work with mia.net to figure out an alternative, easy-to-use blog publishing tool. Bear with me. I hope to be back to Pontifigating soonest.


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