02 July 2009

Starbucks Hmm

This ad makes me think that Starbucks (or their ad agency) needs a grammar lesson. My first reading made me ask about the other 97% of Starbucks' coffee beans. My second reading (a day later) made me think that Starbucks hasn't dominated the market for the best beans, which has other implications. The third reading (yet another day later) was no clearer, and prompted the picture.

Best of all: no impact on my patronage! I rarely went to Starbucks before I saw these ads, and that hasn't changed. Maybe, given the economy, that's its own kind of success?



At 9:13 PM, Blogger Etienne Mailhot said...

Clearly as I see it as a blatant poke at the sweeping-ntion trend going in at present times. The 50s are revered both by Babyboomers (no other word to really describe this subcast of population) and the ad agencies wanting to cater to them. Case in Point; MadMen on AMC.

Season 3 Premieres August 16


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