06 June 2009

Foreign Exchange

I've passed by this ad for a few weeks now and finally got a picture. While Nestea has built a very robust "Liquid Awesomeness" website to carry the whole campaign to its logical and absurd conclusion ... I'm not feeling the love on the bottling-a-foreign-exchange-student concept. It's just odd, and frankly, seems disconnected from "Steve" and the broader ad campaign.

Plus there seem to be some gaps in the scope of the campaign. For example, search for "Liquid Awesomeness" on Facebook and you get to the group for Jones Soda is Liquid Awesomeness. (And I just have no doubt that's true.)

For anyone interested, Adverblog has a longer description of the website and its development. Personally, I prefer my liquid awesomeness in coffee form.

Awesomely yours,



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