12 April 2008

Water, Water Everywhere

Well, it’s done: our Kenmore 2-Stage Drinking Water Filter, Model #38461, is installed, and it works beautifully. Reports I read online of water pressure problems have not been an issue, and after a few minutes of running water through the system to prepare the filters, everything has been great – and our water tastes much, much better. Moreover, as a follow-up to my previous two posts on this issue (“Sears, Please Hold” and “Sears Responds”), I did receive three free filters from a very kind Sears store manager; but no note was included, so this will have to do by way of thanks.

BUT, if the installed water filter seems like it should be the end of the story, there are two other notes worth making. Readers of my “Sears, Please Hold” column will recall that my original issue was trying to determine what model replacement filters would be required for this water filter unit. When the box arrived and I unpacked it, I was more than a little amused to find that right there on the front were the replacement filter model numbers! This makes it even more difficult to understand why it was so hard to get this information from Sears itself.

Just as funny is that the box directs buyers to call the toll free Kenmore Water Line at 800-426-9345, or look on kenmorewater.com for help. I did not call the number, but I did go look on the web site. This model filter (#38461) is not shown there as of today; the previous model, #38460 is listed, along with the corresponding replacement filter information. The Sears.com web site does not have any reference on the various filter product pages to the Kenmore Water Line or its web site. Once again, not very helpful.

Fair is fair: I’ll add my positive product feedback to the relevant Sears.com page, and tell Consumer Reports, too. Seriously, though, as I said in my first post on this issue: these are the kinds of comedy-of-nuisances that discourage customer loyalty, even when product quality is strong. For Sears’ sake, I hope someone fixes these things soon.


At 10:49 PM, Blogger Michelle - Co-Owner of Its A Filter said...

That's really a great bit of feedback you've left on these water filters. My family just started our business selling water filtration products because it made such a huge difference in our family. Our son was ill a lot of the time as a youngster so we started filtering our water and air and it has made a huge difference. It's costly up front but the savings overall is all worth it.
Its always good to see feedback on water filtration products.
On my website we're doing a promotional for the quart on our newsletter that is asking anyone who's got a story to share about water filters they've used could get them featured in our next newsletter for the summer. If the story is featured you'll receive a free gift from our business as a way of saying thank you for sharing your story with us.
Feedback is so necessary. Its how we all as consumers get educated.
I hope that your purchase turns out to be the best one you made for a filter in your home. Best wishes!
Owner of Its A Filter.

At 1:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We used to have one of these kinds of kitchen filters, until we learned they only reduce, not remove, all contaminants, and don't have any impact on heavy metals or nitrates or other troubling contaminants. If you think your water is OK except for the chlorine smell and taste, then look at the Associated Press articles from March 10 about drugs in water - and the fact your community water district is under no legal obligation to tell you what they find.

So if you want to remove all the possible dangerous contaminants you will need a much more robust system than the Kenmore unit. We choose a BEV Series system from Pure Water Systems, Inc. and we got a test meter. Our tap water had a reading of 413 ppm TDS, and after the Pure Water Systems BEV 300 system finished purifying the water it had a reading of 0 ppm. We love our system and feel good knowing our kids are not going to be subjected to toxic stuff in the water, even in the slightest degree.

At 1:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But, what were the part numbers for the replacement filters???? I was holding my breath in anticipation!

At 2:02 PM, Blogger The Editor said...

Chlorine replacement filter #34373
Sediment replacement filter #38480

At 4:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry I know I double posted but this may help the most. Order from sears parts direct and you'll save a few bucks over sears.com:
Kenmore Two-Stage Drinking Water Filter Model No. 625.384610
1. owner's manual: 7293858
2. faucet w/base & electronics: 7292674
3. wrench: 7193066
4. coin battery: 7154818
5. sediment cartridge, 5 micron: 42-38480
6. taste & odor cartridge, premium: 42-34373
7. sediment cartridge, 25 micron: 42-38478
8. taste & odor cartridge, performance tested: 42-34370
9. taste & odor / chemical contaminant cartridge: 42-34365
10. taste & odor / lead cartridge, performance tested: 42-34377


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