29 October 2007

Rain & Raz

Back in August, thick into summer, I was enjoying the new TV series Burn Notice - and Barry Eisler's latest book, Requiem for An Assassin. In the book, the half-Japanese / half-American hero, John Rain, gets a bit of an assist from some Israeli friends who bring along a new-ish weapon they've been field-testing: an ADS or "Active Denial System," based on "nonlethal millimeter wave technology."

At the time, I didn't think Eisler was making this up - I just didn't know how real it was.

Apparently, it's quite real, if not quite at the level of easy field deployment Eisler writes about. (Although those were Israelis in the book; perhaps they're more advanced about these things.) In any case, NPR's defense correspondent Guy Raz went to check out the system - and get zapped by it - in this story on this evening's "All Things Considered."


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