29 April 2007

Zeitgeist Advertising

I've wanted to write this for months, but the cold and rainy weather has generally kept me away from taking outdoor pictures...

In any case, congratulations to Manhattan Mini Storage for their clever series of ads poking fun at current American politics and pop "stars." Not everyone thinks they're funny, with one person calling them "egregiously political for no reason and extremely off-putting," and some even object to making a joke of "poor" Paris Hilton - she who works so hard to make a joke of herself.

Bah-humbug to that. The ads are not only funny, they're effective in the way that advertising always desires to be but so rarely is. They perfectly capture the contemporary tone of our society, and the cynical political exploits that have characterized this most narrow-minded of administrations. That's rare enough for real journalists these days, let alone advertisers. Congrats, Manhattan Mini Storage.


At 8:30 PM, Blogger Malcolm Nicholls said...

I agree!


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