04 February 2007

The Shins

Over on The Other Side is my review of The Shins' new album Wincing The Night Away, along with thoughts on our experiences and first impressions of art and music. Looking for a quick summary on the album? Here you go, borrowed directly from my other post:

"Indeed, the band as a whole is terrific, and now, several years later, we have Wincing the Night Away. The disc represents the listener ideal, the right combination of evolution and consistency. There are a few new directions, with some songs more pop-sounding, lush and light (like “Sea Legs”), others that play with recording overlays that get your attention in the middle of a song (“Split Needles”), and then the odd-ball 56 seconds of subdued-but-driving guitar over a soft voice (“Pam Berry”). Consistency is there, too, in James Mercer’s vocals, and in an overall tonality that says “We are The Shins”; the day the album was released, but before I’d gotten my hands on it, I heard a song in a coffee shop – and just knew. Then there are the lyrics which, like past Shins albums, take time to digest (for those willing to invest) and, here too, Wincing the Night Away does not disappoint."

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