27 January 2007

Discovering the Colonel

On a recent trip to Atlanta, wandering around the Virginia Highland neighborhood, I happened on a little boutique "mens" store, Highland Gifts for Men. (I often find the word "gifts" in the names of these men's stores to be odd and off-base, since for me at least, these are items I'd buy for myself as much as anything else. A gift to me, from me? Perhaps.)

Anyway: they had a number of hand-made leather items from a company I'd never heard of, Colonel Littleton ("Purveyor of Fine Accouterments in the Americana Tradition") - nice stuff, a range of different products, like desk accessories, wallets, etc. I've long wanted a new money-clip, but one without any metal, since I lost the precious one I had on a trip through airport security. Thanks to the Colonel, I found what I was looking for: this slim leather "wallet" that serves quite nicely, and fits comfortably in my pocket, tucking my cash away.

I could quibble that they call it a "wallet" when it plainly seems like a money clip to me, but whatever - it works, and it was a great find, and since Colonel Littleton's looks like a nice company (to judge by their site), I want to give credit where credit is due. Here's to fine leather craftsmanship still made in America.


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