29 October 2006

Blue's Clues

Uh, no, not that Blue's. This one, Blue Van Meer. Special Topics in Calamity Physics.

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26 October 2006

Trends, Stats, & More

An article I wrote, looking at how one can use new tools like Google Trends to evaluate one's place in the world, has been published here. Enjoy!

18 October 2006

Take the survey!

Over at TTAISI, there's an intro to a simple, 10-question survey about the business of subscriptions to magazines, newspapers, and other periodicals. The survey itself is here. Take the survey, join the fun. In a couple weeks, we'll reveal the data... and perhaps some hint of what it all means.

13 October 2006

New OpenOffice.org!

Happy Birthday OpenOffice.org, the free, open-source office productivity software suite turns 6 today.

Which makes it a perfect day for the release of the
latest version, 2.0.4.

Download it! Use it! Not only is it free, it's better than that other "office" program!

Update: On 29 March 2007, version 2.2 was released. Click here for more info.

01 October 2006

Still Have Guilt?

Well, whatever. (T'is the season.) You can read about A (small) Guilty Pleasure here... and some seasonal thoughts here.